Scholarship Info

The Program Penajaan 9A+ [P9A+] 2019 is an automatic sponsorship to outstanding students with Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM ) in 2018 who scored A+ in all subjects taken in the SPM 2018 with a minimum of nine (9) of the subjects were taken for further studies at universities in the country. Candidates will be offered sponsorships in the form of a Convertible Loan (PBU) to pursue preparatory courses until they obtain their First Degree.




General Terms
(i) The candidate is a citizen of Malaysia;
(ii) Mother and / or parents and / or family members not listed Black by JPA or are in litigation JPA;
(iii) Candidate does not receive financial support / sponsorship from any other agency for the same level or studies; and
(iv) Candidates for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy must be in good health and not suffering from critical illnesses such as hepatitis, AIDS, HIV and so on.3.2 Special Conditions
(i) Sitting for examination SPM for the FIRST TIME in 2016, in any secondary school including special schools, private schools and private candidates;
(ii) A + in all subjects taken in the 2017 SPM with a minimum of nine (9) subjects; and
(iii) Age does not reach 18 (19 year for  transition students) on December 31 in the year SPM was taken.



+Preferred Discipline

  • Accounting & Business
  • Arts & Communication
  • Aviation & Maritime
  • Computer & Multimedia
  • Education & Languages
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Environmental & Marine
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Law & Humanities
  • Maths,Sciences & Technology
  • Pre-University